Modern dog & cat furniture and supplies

What Was Postmodern Pets?

Owning a pet can be many things: gratifying, endearing, patience-building, tiresome, the list goes on. But it’s not often described as stylish—at least it wasn’t for many years before Louis Vuitton dog collars became commonplace. While taking care of domesticated animals can be incredibly rewarding, a designer black dress or suit doesn’t usually pair well when peppered with fur. The same goes for litter boxes and doggie beds that are eyesores in an otherwise stylish home.

Bringing Panache to Pet Ownership

In the early 2000s, Postmodern Pets, Inc. was an early mover in the e-commerce industry of pet furniture and products created by well-known designers and design companies. They produced minimalist and modern pieces that didn’t just match the elegance of home décor in luxury homes, they elevated it. And the company had the track record to prove it, having worked with designers like Alessi and Johnathon Adler, and even being featured in Marie Claire, O at Home, New York Post, and more.

The goal of the site was to link designers and fashion industry followers to pet ownership by changing the general aesthetics of pet parenting. Need a cat scratcher for your feline friend? With the ability to shop by designer, you could easily end up with a sleek yet useful conversation starter that kept your cat’s claws trimmed and off your other designer furniture. They offered every product you could think of for dogs and cats, as well as a few choice pieces for birds and fish. This meant you could find everything from contemporary bird perches to wall-hanging fishbowls and designer dog toys.

Anticipating the Pet Fashion Trends

While the site was somewhat short-lived, falling off the radar just before 2008, they made a big impact in the time they were around. They even won the title of “Best Place for Posh Pet Pads” from the Metro (Silicon Valley). These were in the pioneering times of fusing fashion with pets, which can be hard to imagine, as these days it seems every designer is offering a personalized bow tie for your Frenchie and a leather-only carrier for your Cornish Rex. Postmodern Pets, though no longer in operation, helped to build the immense market of tasteful pet products that millions of us use today. While our pets may have always been a bit spoiled, we, as pet parent consumers, are now spoiled for choice too!